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On-line Order Crane

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Crane Introduction:

A crane is a lifting machine that lifts and moves a heavy load vertically and horizontally within a certain range. Also known as Crane, Aerial crane, Crane. The main features of Tyre cranes are: its driving cab and lifting control room are combined, is by the crawler Crane (crawler crane) evolved, will walk the crawler and walking bracket part of the tire chassis, overcome the crawler cranes (crawler crane) Crawler board on the road damage, belonging to the material handling machinery.

On-line Order Crane

crane description:

crane is a lifting equipment which is carried by the material hanging in the workshop, warehouse and material field. It is shaped like a bridge because its ends are located on a tall concrete pillar or a metal bracket. Bridge Crane's bridge along the laying on the two sides of the elevated rail track longitudinal operation, can make full use of the space under the bridge under the lifting of materials, not by the ground equipment obstacles. It is the most widely used and the largest number of lifting machinery.

On-line Order Crane

Lifting equipment is characterized by intermittent movement, that is, in a work cycle to take materials, migration, unloading and other actions of the corresponding agencies are alternating work, cranes in the market development and use more and more widely

On-line Order Crane

The development course of crane:

With the continuous development of the crane industry more and more enterprises to join the crane industry. Gao points out that the risks of construction machinery include technology risk, supply and demand risk and economic fluctuation risk. At present, the core technology of some products of construction machinery is mainly embodied in the overall design and technology integration, if the enterprise can not timely research and development of new technologies, processes and products to meet market requirements, products may face the risk of being eliminated.

The Crane performance parameters

Main performance parameters of crane:

The main parameters of crane are the parameters of the main technical performance indexes of cranes, which is the basis of crane design and the important basis for the safety technical requirements of heavy machinery.

Crane weighs G.

Self-weight refers to the quality of the whole machine under standard configuration, in tons (t) or kg (kg).

The weight of the Q

The weight is the mass of the lifting weight. Can be divided into rated weight, maximum weight, total weight, effective weight and so on.

Rated weight Qn.

The weight is rated as the sum of the material which can be hoisted by the crane, and the quality of the separable lifting appliance or the equipment (such as the grab bucket, the electromagnetic sucker, the balance beam, etc.).

Total weight Qz

Total up the weight of crane to lift the material together with the separable spreader and long-term fixed on the crane sling and play (including the hook, pulley block and lifting wire rope and other lifting under lifting trolley) the quality of the total.

Effective weight Qp.

Effective lifting weight is the net quality of the material that the crane can lift.

On-line Order Crane

Classification of Crane:

According to lifting property: mobile crane, tower crane, mast crane.

According to the driving mode: one type is centralized drive, and the driving wheel is driven by an electric motor drive the long drive shaft; The other type is driven by an electric motor on each side of the active wheel. More medium and small bridge crane brake, reducer and motor group synthesis drive mode, the integration of the "triad" big lifting weight of ordinary bridge crane for ease of installation and adjustment, drive often adopt universal coupling.

According to structure form, the crane is mainly divided into small light lifting equipment, bridge frame (bridge, gantry crane), arm posture (self-propelled, tower, portal crane, rail, pontoon type, mast crane), cable type.

On-line Order Crane

Divide by doorframe structure.

(a) all-gate crane: the main beam is not overhung, and the trolley is carried out in the main span.

(b) semi-portal crane: the legs are low and low and can be determined according to the civil requirements of the site.

(c) double cantilever gantry crane: the most common form of structure, the force of its structure and the effective utilization of site area are reasonable.

According to

On-line Order Crane

the structure of the main beam.

(a) single girder gantry crane.

Single main beam cantilever gantry crane structure is simple, the manufacturing and installation is convenient, its own quality is small, the main girder is more deviant box frame structure. The overall stiffness is weaker than the double main portal crane. Therefore, when the weight Q is less than 50t and the span S is less than 35m, this form can be adopted. Single main door beams crane gate legs have L type and C type two kinds of forms. L make convenient installation, good force, its quality is small, but, lifting the goods through the leg space is relatively small. The type C leg is inclined or bent, with the aim of having a large transverse space to allow the cargo to pass through the leg smoothly.

(b) double beam bridge crane.

The double beam bridge crane is composed of straight rail, crane girder, crane trolley, power supply system and electrical control system, which is especially suitable for large suspension and large-weight plane range material transportation.

Double girder bridge crane has strong bearing capacity, large span, good overall stability and variety, but its own quality is larger than that of single main girder crane with the same weight, and the cost is higher. According to the structure of main beam, it can be divided into box girder and truss. The box structure is generally adopted.

On-line Order Crane

Boom crane.

The crane is the same as the bridge crane. It can be used in the round field and above, and it can be used for open loading and unloading and installation, etc., including door crane, floating crane, mast crane, wall crane and deck crane.

Jib crane includes: lifting mechanism, changing mechanism, rotating mechanism. Depending on the action of these institutions, the weight can be lifted and transported in a certain cylindrical space. Boom cranes are installed on vehicles or other forms of transportation (mobile) tools, which make up the operating arm swing crane. Such as truck crane, wheel crane, tower crane, portal crane, floating crane, railway crane, etc.

 Car crane:

Car Crane: Truck Crane, English name for Truck Crane, QY is used in China, such as qy20/20t Truck Crane (car Crane). Install the crane in general or special automobile chassis chassis performance is equivalent to the same vehicle gross weight of the truck, conform to the technical requirements for road vehicles and therefore can be in all kinds of road passage. This type of crane is usually equipped with two control rooms, which must be extended to maintain stability. The weight range is very large, can range from 8 tons ~ 1000 tons, chassis number of axle, can be from 2 ~ 10. It is the largest and most widely used crane type.

Crawler crane:

Construction of sany crawler crane at taishan nuclear power station in guangdong province.

Construction of sany crawler crane at taishan nuclear power station in guangdong province.

Crawler Crane (Crawler Crane) Crawler Crane, QUY is generally used in China. However, the Crane of SANY is to be connected with the international, using English naming rules, its Crawler Crane code is SCC (SANY Crawler Crane's English initials). Crawler crane's main features are: its driving cab and lifting control room 2 for one, big grounding area and less average pressure on the ground, good stability, can be in soft muddy ground operation; The traction coefficient is high and the slope is large, and it can drive on rough terrain. However, the crawler has a slow speed, and the driving process should be damaged. Therefore, it needs to be shipped with flat trailer and poor maneuverability.

On-line Order Crane

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