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Popular handbag

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Main material: Canvas

Canvas face mask

Canvas, lightweight and durable. Notebook computer, the iPad tablet, A 4 completely into the large capacity. Such as a pen, writing instruments, such as lipstick, cosmetic accessories bag in bag, bag, pouch, back to the inn. Because of a little rain, in the campus will not get wet in the bag.

Leisure, can be used widely.

English logo canvas canvas bags, fashionable cute adjustable. In the campus, the material is easy to use, natural and casual style. In the casual style with oblique.

Shawl, since the shoulder belt 2 can be used in WAY handbag and is very convenient. Shawl, deal with your favorite style, comfort use items can be matched to use. It is possible to adjust the length of the queue. Inner pocket, convenient use and small batch!

The size of A4 size A enter easily. The width of the wide PC Machi, tablet, iPad it easily. I usually just use a good big canvas bag.

Popular handbag  

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Supplement Information 5:China Kingstone Co., Ltd

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